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Punjab: Chemical scientist develops unique non-fire anti-riot system, Shanti gun

Mohali , Sept 5 : A professor and chemical scientist, Dr Samrat Ghosh from Chemical Science Division of Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Mohali, has developed a non-fire anti-riot system, 'Shanti' gun to deal with violent protestors.

This unique system will enable law enforcement agencies to use indelible ink stains to identify culprits and trouble makers who create violence with a mission to disrupt peace in our country.

Shanti is a gun-like system with laser light to aim at the violent protestors and rubber pellets containing inedible ink.

"Nowadays we hear about so many violence and stone-pelting case and mob lynching in which our army personnel and the general public is also attacked. And both attackers and Army personnel use stones and pellets which cause grave injuries. So, since a very long time, I was thinking to create such a system that would control such riots. Hence, I have created 'Shanti' anti-riot system," said Ghosh.

By this system, trained army or police dogs would easily be able to sniff the inedible ink and search the attacker.

"I have named this system Shanti as my main motive is to control riots across the country. In SHANTI, S stands for smoke-free, H-harmless, A-aromatic, N-non-fire arm, T- thwarting and I-identification. I have added two chemicals in the rubber bullets, which when fires will release a soothing fragrance for the army personnel but it would release an unpleasant smell for the attackers," said Ghosh.

"My anti-riot system looks like a toy but it is extremely effective. I have mixed two kinds of inedible inks in this system so when a bullet touches any attacker, he or she would not be able to wash off that ink and the attackers could be easily identified with that mark and of course by the help of the dogs as well," Ghosh added.

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Punjab: Chemical scientist develops unique non-fire anti-riot system, Shanti gun

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