Kerala govt organises fairs to sell products in subsidized rate for Onam

Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram/Trivandrum) , Sep 4 : Kerala government has organised metro fairs across the state to provide groceries and other items to residents on subsidized rates for celebration of Onam.

Kerala civil supplies corporation, Supplyco, which is an arm of the state government, has opened stalls across the state selling 200 items like vegetables, clothes and home appliances. All the goods are being sold on subsidized prices to make celebrations affordable.

"We are providing all groceries in subsidised rates. We have stalls of home appliances which offers 15 to 60 per cent subsidized prices. This is the highlight of this year's festival. People are showing a good response to it. The government started this when price hike hits the open market and now it is providing the fund to Supplyco to arrange fares," a salesperson explained.

He continued, "Subsidized products have a 25 per cent difference from the open market. We open stalls from 9.30 am to 800 pm. They are closed only after all customers in the queue have been attended to."

Thankam, a customer present at the fair told ANI, "Government wishes that all people should celebrate Onam alike. So they are providing products at subsidized prices. We are buying 1 kg of rice for Rs 25 here but in the open market, we get it for Rs 45."

People are happy with the fairs but the only aspect they find negative is the limited quantity of products due to which they fail to get enough goods despite spending hours in the long queues.

The Onam fair will function till September 10.

(ANI | 6 months ago)

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Kerala govt organises fairs to sell products in subsidized rate for Onam