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Researchers, Doctors in Ludhiana develop 16 value added egg products

Ludhiana , Sept 2 : Doctors and students of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University here have developed as many as 16 value-added egg products, including egg pickle and egg jam.

The doctors claim that these products are totally chemical-free.

Speaking to ANI, Dr Manish Kumar said, "People in our country mostly eat boil eggs and egg omelette. We made different types of value-added egg products like egg jam with different flavours. We have made egg pickle, egg drink concentrate, egg-based chips, egg-based soup and egg paneer besides other types of variety of egg products."

Kumar said, "These products are totally chemical-free and they can be stored for 3 to 6 months. This is the first programme in India that we have made different kinds of egg products."

"We also find out how to minimise the pungent smell that is there in egg products," he said.

"Egg is very good at meeting the protein requirement, so with these types of products, we can make protein available at an affordable price. These products are unique and it will attract people in the market," he added.

Rajendra Kapoor, a cook by profession who has come to India to receive training said, "I worked in Canada for one and a half year and now I have come back to India. The researchers and doctors here have made egg paneer, egg jam and egg pickle."

"I am looking forward to launch these products when I go back to Canada," he said.

Another trainee said, "We learned how to make egg paneer and egg pickle. I have never seen such a thing being made before. It is very interesting and good for "eggitarians" who will have more variety of egg dishes now."

Dr Radhika Sharma, a PhD scholar in the University said, "Eggs products are not explored in our country. I want to launch a startup in Jammu that sells these types of products."

"People are getting health conscious and if we can make this available to people at an affordable price then it will be great," she said.

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Researchers, Doctors in Ludhiana develop 16 value added egg products

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