Chennai: Students pray to Lord Ganesha to save Amazon forest

Chennai , Aug 31 : While most part of the country is all prepared to welcome Ganpati on Ganesh Chaturthi, a few school students took the opportunity to spread the message of saving Amazon forest, to the world.

"We have come together to prepare this huge portrait of Lord Ganesha to sincerely pray to him to save the Amazon forest. Also, we want to spread out the word that the forest is the lungs of the earth; therefore we cannot leave it burning. Join hands to pray and act to save the lungs, the Amazon forest," said one of the students of the Everwin Vidhyashram School, Vridhi.

Approx 2000 students from Everwin Vidhyashram School participated to form an image of Lord Ganesha, on an area of around 18,000 square feet and decorated it with 5500 light lamps.

But it was not the size of the figure that made it unique but the message which it gave. Below the gigantic image, the students wrote "Oh, Lord, Our Lungs Are Burning. Save Amazon, Save Earth" and urged world leaders to join hands in putting off the Amazon fire to save mother earth.

"We could have celebrated the festival in the traditional way like every year, but since this is the hour of crisis we planned to do something unique and big. The portrait of Ganpati is made and decorated by 2000 thousand students from standard 7th till 12th by using approximately 5500 lamps," said, one of the students, Sanusha.S.Menon.

Further explaining the purpose behind the noble yet subtle cause, one of the teachers of the school, Esther said, "Our children have been praying to the Lord Ganesha to save the Amazon forest and this initiative is to request everyone to come together, join hands in solving this global issue currently."

(ANI | 6 months ago)

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Chennai: Students pray to Lord Ganesha to save Amazon forest