TN: Locals in Rameswaram celebrate "Sprout Festival"

Rameswaram , Aug 16 : Devotees participated in 'Sprout Festival' at Sudukattanapatti Mariamman Temple here on Thursday to offer prayers for rain.

People were seen wearing handmade coronets of flowers and later releasing it into the water.

A devotee, Nageendra told ANI, "The sprout is carried on the head and is taken out as a procession which culminates at Agni Tirtham. Thereafter, the sprouts offering is dissolved into the sea as a mark of prayer to appease rain God."

The locals took to the streets of Rameswaram to play drums while dancing to the beats in their traditional attire.

Sharing a message with ANI, a local resident, Mariappan said, "The prayers are so powerful that whenever you ask for a wish, it is fulfilled. The devotees keep a week-long fast before taking out the processions as it makes it even more powerful."

This offering history dates back to 126 years and will be continued in future, he added.

(ANI | 6 months ago)

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TN: Locals in Rameswaram celebrate "Sprout Festival"