Lidl Brings The Authentic Taste Of Piedmont To U.S. Stores With New 'King Of Wines' Barolo DOCG Riserva 2012 For Less Than USD 20

ARLINGTON, Va: Starting July 24, Lidl is set to debut the 'King of Wines:' its private label Barolo DOCG Riserva 2012 available for just USD 13.99, with Lidl's limited-time mix and match case deal.

Wine enthusiasts and savvy shoppers alike can stock up and save on Lidl's unique Italian wines with a 30 percent off mix and match bottles when purchasing 6 or more.

Lidl is the only U.S. grocery store to have a dedicated Master of Wine, the most prestigious title in the world of wine. Adam Lapierre, who has tasted more than 12,000 wines to curate Lidl's unique range, notes, Barolo Riserva regularly fetches prices of $150 or more, so Lidl's limited-time promotion offers incredible savings. I'd recommend stocking up on a few bottles and opening one every six months to get a true sense of the wine's evolution.

Barolos come from the Nebbiolo grape variety, which is known to be pale in color and high in tannin and alcohol. Hailing from the famous wine making region of Piedmont, Northern Italy, Barolo must be aged for five years according to Italian law, making it a very age-worthy wine. Often wine drinkers tend to move towards crisp whites and sweet roses in the summer months, but Lapierre challenges that notion and recommends maintaining Lidl's Barolo Riserva at 65 degrees and serving it with grilled meats with garlic or herb flavors - a combination that is sure to transport shoppers to the sundrenched rolling hills of the Piedmont this summer.

In addition to a selection of high-quality Italian wines, Lidl will introduce 40+ imported Italian delicacies to U.S. stores. Stand-outs include a new Tomato-Mozzarella Bratwurst ($3.99), a creative twist on traditional Italian spumoni ($1.99) and a deliciously decadent Burrata Pizza ($3.49). According to Lapierre, the Tomato-Mozzarella Bratwurst is a great for pairing with the Barolo Riserva, resulting in two perfect Italian additions to any summer BBQ.

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Lidl Italian Week Products

Barolo DOCG Riserva, $13.99 with mix and match case deal
Textbook Barolo, with lifted perfume of dried cherry, rose petal, brown spices and herbs. Full bodied, warm and intense on the palate, with firm tannins.

Bianco IGT Veneto, $6.29 with mix and match case deal
Interesting aromas of ripe peach, lychee and honey. Intense on the palate, with rich fruit flavors.

Tomato-Mozzarella Bratwurst, $3.99
Lidl gives one of its most loved products an Italian twist with mozzarella, tomato and herb flavored bratwurst - the perfect Italian addition to your grill out and pairing for the Barolo Riserva.

Burrata Cheese Pizza, $3.49
Nothing says Italy quite like a steaming hot pizza, and this pie does not disappoint. Loaded with traditional Burrata cheese and cherry tomatoes, this pizza pairs well with a glass of red on a hot day.

Layered Ice Cream, $1.99
This creative twist on traditional Italian spumoni features layers of rich and creamy ice cream with thin flakes of chocolate.

Vegetable Pizza, $3.99
This wood fired pizza features grilled veggies, broccoli and provolone.

Speck Alto, $3
This traditional thin sliced ham is bursting with flavor! This Italian speck is smoked and aged which gives it a deeper, more intense flavor than prosciutto di Parma.

Sardinian Crispy Snacks, $1.99
These traditional snacks from Sardinia come in two flavors onion and pizza.

Giant Cerignola Olives, $1.99
Also known as 'Bella di Cerignola,' these olives are very large, mild in flavor and imported from the southeastern Italian region of Apulia, just above the 'stiletto heel.' The climate and soil provide the perfect conditions for these unusually large olives to grow.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy, $4.99
Imported from the Italian shores, this authentic extra virgin olive is ideal for cooking, dressings and dips.
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Lidl Brings The Authentic Taste Of Piedmont To U.S. Stores With New 'King Of Wines' Barolo DOCG Riserva 2012 For Less Than USD 20