Israel to set up first ground warfare plant

Jerusalem, Aug 16 : Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), a government-owned company, announced that it will set up the country's first ground warfare plant in the southern city of Beer Sheva.

The plant's establishment will cost tens of millions of new shekels for the construction of innovative technological infrastructure as well as research and development in breakthrough areas.

The plant's products will be at the forefront of global technology in ground autonomous robotics, terrestrial radar systems such as the Guard Drone, a detection, identification, classification and disruption system, and border protection radars, said IAI on Thursday, Xinhua reported.

The plant is part of the IAI's new strategy to expand to the area of ground warfare.

The plant will be part of the IAI's Elta Systems division engaged in the development of airborne radar systems, intelligence systems on special mission aircraft, electronic warfare systems and communications systems.

Elta has developed and manufactured the Iron Dome radar system to protect against missile attacks. Its advanced systems are sold to military and civilian needs in more than 100 countries.

"The ground sector is growing fast and the aerospace technology is a great platform for developing a variety of solutions and addressing the operational needs of the land forces," said Harel Locker, chairman of the IAA.

(IANS | 6 months ago)

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Israel to set up first ground warfare plant