NUDURA is building strong, disaster resilient, eco-friendly homes

TORONTO: Today's buildings demand reliable, high thermal performance building envelopes that provide energy-efficiency, prevent heat loss, eliminate thermal bridging and provide safety and comfort over their operating lifetime.

NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms, or ICFs, have met these demands on all sorts of projects, providing buildings that are safe, comfortable, energy efficient, and eco-friendly.

ICFs provide significant energy savings and reduce the carbon footprint of the building. In fact, NUDURA energy-efficient construction materials provide up to 58 percent energy savings compared to traditional building methods using wood, says Keven Rector, Technical Services Manager at NUDURA.

The environmental benefits of NUDURA ICFs are seen from development through transportation, the build, and even years into the future. Not only does this technology produce less waste during the construction process, but all waste is also 100 percent recyclable.

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NUDURA is building strong, disaster resilient, eco-friendly homes