Clearweather Sales Skyrocket After Leveraging Data From

NEW YORK: Clearweather, an emerging sneaker brand founded by designers and siblings, Josh and Brandon Brubaker, leveraged data from marketplace in order to optimize their release schedule - resulting in a significant increase in sales.

Clearweather is an early adopter of platform, and was one of the first brands to sync their entire collection and direct-to-consumer inventory with's ecommerce marketplace. Launched in February of 2018, is already the largest and most curated site for Streetwear, Sneakers, and Skateboarding.

Before partnering with, Clearweather followed a seasonal release schedule by dropping seven to ten footwear styles every three months. Through the analysis of behavioral data on platform mixed with social engagement data, TheDrop recommended that Clearweather pivot to a more dynamic release schedule and presented data collected over the past year that supported the recommendation. After determining that the landscape of Streetwear apparel is shifting towards smaller, more frequent releases - driven largely by the impact of social influencers who constantly shift trends in real-time - TheDrop theorized a similar approach to footwear would increase Clearweather's engagement and build longer relationships between the brand and consumers who can jump to any new micro-trend of the moment.

In March 2019, Clearweather began to execute weekly drops over the course of several weeks for their Spring/Summer collection. As a result, they saw an average of 72% sell through of their allotted inventory within the first three days, more than a 500% increase over the same amount of time with their previous seasonal approach. Equally as important, Clearweather was able to keep their brand relevant and fresh for a longer period of time, which has created additional demand for their next series of weekly drops to commence in August.

We have seen 'drop' culture increase on the apparel side of our industry more and more over the last couple years. When we implemented the weekly release schedule supported by the data-based recommendations by the team at, we were able to not only sell through inventory faster but we were also able to more effectively communicate the unique details of each sneaker- information that is important to sneakerhead consumers. The data that Matt and his team presented is what ultimately swayed our decision to adopt a new release schedule- a decision that has proven to be enormously beneficial
- Josh Brubaker, Co-Founder of Clearweather and their founder, Matt Falcinelli, are passionate about helping the Streetwear industry evolve at the same speed as their digitally obsessed consumer.

The frequency of product releases coupled with strong visual and storytelling assets to support them are two critical factors for brands looking to effectively engage with Millennial and Gen Z consumers. When we see both of these pieces in place, we know that a brand will do well. In the case of Clearweather, the brand had both of these factors in place. The data we provided helped to validate their decision to transition to a faster release schedule, thus improving their Direct-to-Consumer strategy.
- Matt Falcinelli, Founder/CEO of

The business model of the Streetwear industry no longer resembles the retail world of the past fifty years. A new brand model has emerged and quickly proving successful as seen in the Allbird's, Supreme's and Bonobos' of the world., with a growing vault of Millennial and Gen Z behavioral data at their fingertips, looks to emerge as the new 'retail' model and continue to grow their value proposition to a global Streetwear market by delivering a solution greater than just a marketplace platform.

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Clearweather Sales Skyrocket After Leveraging Data From