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Need to intensify efforts to eradicate corruption: Modi

New Delhi , Aug 15 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday stressed on the need to accelerate efforts to eradicate corruption and said that his government is committed to ensuring honesty and transparency.

The government's decision to compulsorily retire some senior officials was a step in that direction, he said, addressing the nation on the 73rd Independence Day from the ramparts of the Red Fort.

Accusing opposition parties of promoting nepotism, Modi said, "Corruption and nepotism have harmed India beyond imagination and these have entered the system like termites. We are continuously making efforts get rid of the menace but it is so serious that we will have to intensify our efforts, not only at the government but at all levels. We will have to pursue it persistently."

The Prime Minister said his government has taken several steps to eradicate corruption and promote honesty and transparency in governance.

"After coming to power (for a second consecutive term in May), we got rid of some people sitting on higher posts. We told them to explore any alternative work as the country no longer needed their services," he said.

Modi said that people operating the system must change their mindset to shun corrupt practices. "System must be changed, but simultaneously the mindset of the people who are operating the system should also change," Modi said.

"Every effort made to remove corruption and black money is welcome. These have ruined India for 70 long years. Let us always reward honesty," the Prime Minister added.

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Need to intensify efforts to eradicate corruption: Modi

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