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Microsoft Active Directory Management to Control Access and Boost Security

HOBOKEN, N.J: Messaging Architects, an eMazzanti Technologies Company and information governance consultant, today announced a new Microsoft Active Directory Management portal and discusses Active Directory (AD) risks and concerns in a new article on the Messaging Architects website.

The informative article describes how organizations that delegate user and resource management tasks need a way to provide employees and consultants just enough access to complete their assigned tasks, but no more. The author then discusses security risks associated with Active Directory (AD) and the need for AD security reports.

Messaging Architects will soon offer a tool to help you get the most out of AD and Azure AD, while limiting exposure within a critical environment., stated Ross Phillips, Solutions Architect and Implementation Consultant at Messaging Architects. With new hosted AD management options, your organization can benefit from powerful custom scripts for essential tasks and reporting.

Below are a few excerpts from the article, Microsoft Active Directory Management to Control Access and Boost Security.

Active Directory and Azure AD form the core of an organization's information technology (IT) environment. Tapping into the full capabilities of these tools requires Windows PowerShell, a command-line shell and scripting environment. While PowerShell is essential to Active Directory management, it requires a level of expertise not available in many IT departments.

At the same time, because AD determines system access, it represents a treasure trove for hackers. Unauthorized changes to AD, whether nefarious or accidental, can wreak havoc in an organization.

An Eye on Security

Individuals within an organization can also cause significant damage to network security through AD. Consider the danger when an employee with administrative access becomes disgruntled. With broad privileges, that employee can easily and quickly cause widespread damage through unauthorized changes to system schema.

Comprehensive Reporting

The reporting possibilities are practically endless. With reports, administrators can obtain a complete picture of activity within the system, from passwords and application usage to regulatory compliance. While the Office 365 Management and Azure portals provide some basic reports, comprehensive reporting requires PowerShell scripts.

Customized Portal for Active Directory Management

The new AD Management Portal announced by Messaging Architects will help organizations get the most out of AD and Azure AD, while limiting exposure within a critical environment. This new portal protects system security while delivering robust AD management.

For instance, with a customized script, administrators can quickly grant consultants just the specific access they require for micro tasks within the system. They can also run custom reports to determine license usage or see what users have Admin access to the system.

To tap into these possibilities, or if organizations have specific tasks they would like automated, they should join the conversation. Readers are invited to email questions or suggestions to Ross Phillips at

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Microsoft Active Directory Management to Control Access and Boost Security

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