SymGym Announces Its Official Company Launch, Unveils Its 3rd-Generation Machine

CHICAGO: SymGym, the company behind the video game-powered fitness platform of the same name, announces its official company launch.

SymGym is a new fitness platform that combines an invigorating full-body workout with video games. SymGym was founded on the belief that Fitness can be fun. We help apprehensive athletes everywhere get started on the road to wellness, sooner and easier, in a less intimidating way, according to Rob Quinn, SymGym's CEO and co-founder. It's no secret that Americans need to work out more. We want to help make that happen.

SymGym's company launch coincides with the debut of its 3rd-generation fitness platform. Our 3rd-gen platform has been thousands of hours in the making and is our most-advanced unit to-date, said Glenn Susz, SymGym's CMO and co-founder.

The latest unit will help apprehensive athletes everywhere work out like never before. SymGym's technology, which is supported by 3 patents, provides a unique, fun and immersive exergaming experience; dynamic and variable resistance levels are driven by what's actually happening in the video game, which allows for smooth, natural body movements; a variety of new video games are joining the platform on a monthly basis; users can monitor their progress through an intuitively-designed dashboard. While technically-advanced, SymGym remains remarkably easy to use. Children and adults appreciate its simplicity and intuitiveness.

SymGym plans to make its unit available through partnerships with community centers, recreational facilities, schools, and senior centers.

Interested fitness enthusiasts, prospective partners and investors should contact SymGym for more information

Rob Quinn, SymGym
Phone 630-625-7204 x202
Email [email protected]
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SymGym Announces Its Official Company Launch, Unveils Its 3rd-Generation Machine