Carole Simpson, Veteran Broadcast Journalist, Launches W.O.W. Website and Vlog

BOSTON: Carole Simpson - best known as the anchor of the weekend editions of ABC's World News Tonight for more than 15 years - announced she has launched the W.O.W. (Wise Old Woman) website and vlog, Something.To.Say. Simpson is on a mission to speak up for the often voiceless and ignored women-over-65 set.

Simpson is a three-time Emmy award-winning television journalist. She was the first African-American woman to anchor a major network newscast and to moderate the premiere town hall presidential debate, which included President George H. W. Bush, Governor Bill Clinton, and Ross Perot in 1992. After retiring from ABC in 2006, she taught broadcast journalism at Emerson College in Boston for 13 years. Now, at 78, her third career is heading off in a digital direction as she shares her journalistic expertise and real-life experiences on social media.

Now that I'm not a working journalist, I am free to express my strong opinions publicly, Simpson explains. I want to both talk about the news of the day and the bedeviling issues of our times. Keeping silent is not my style.

Simpson believes that women over the age of 65 have a unique perspective. Many are working well into their 70s. They continue to be active and vital even while society wants everyone to believe these women have lost their beauty and their brains. Simpson disagrees, Older women keep all that and gain something more - WISDOM.

For over 40 years as a television journalist, Simpson had to remain objective and couldn't offer her opinions on the latest headlines or major issues of the day. Now that she's retired, she's free to speak her mind. As she looks around and sees what's happening in America today, she is eager to discuss the hottest issues, including

Women's Rights
And last but not least, our Quirky Pop Culture

Simpson is available for interviews to discuss today's headlines. We also encourage you to refer to and repost Ms. Simpson's videos as part of your news coverage. Visit
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Carole Simpson, Veteran Broadcast Journalist, Launches W.O.W. Website and Vlog