• Sunday, 18 August 2019

Metals.com Continues Its Ten-Year History of World Class Rescission Policy In Colorado

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif: Metals.com continues to lead the industry with enhanced customer experience and legal compliance.

Metals.com is pleased to have worked cooperatively with the Colorado Division of Securities to resolve its questions about Metals.com. The Colorado Division of Securities imposed no fine or other punitive measures; instead, as a measure of its continued good faith, Metals.com agreed to offer what it has done for over ten years already with its best-in-class rescission policy. Metals.com is the leader in commitment to total customer experience satisfaction in the metals industry.

This resolution is consistent with that of the recent Texas State Securities Board matter, which found that

Metals.com trains its employees on legal compliance;
Metals.com has policies that prohibit employees from providing investment advice;
Metals.com does not permit cold calling; and
Metals.com does not permit the targeting of any demographic group.

Metals.com retained the law firm of Jones Day, founded in 1893, to advise on this matter as well as in all matters related to legal compliance.

Metals.com believes in the metals it sells from leading government mints including The United States Mint, The Royal Canadian Mint, and The British Royal Mint. Metals.com has over a decade-long history of unparalleled success and customer satisfaction in the metals industry. Metals.com is committed to abiding by all laws, maintaining the highest standard of ethics, and ensuring the continued satisfaction of its customers.

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Metals.com Continues Its Ten-Year History of World Class Rescission Policy In Colorado

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