Ethical Clothing Brand Debuts Fair Trade Organic Cotton T-Shirt

MIAMI: One rapidly-growing Miami businesses has reached two major milestones in its timeline.

Paul Garibian, co-founder of the Classic T-Shirt Company, recently announced the company's signature organic cotton t-shirts have successfully completed Beta testing and will now be available to the general public. This announcement coincides with the company's celebration of its first anniversary on July 4, 2019.

After spending 15 years in the software industry and discovering we had a new baby on the way, my wife, Olga, and I decided it was time to start something that would change the world for the better, said Garibian. We took the classic t-shirt, a simple product we love and that almost everyone wears, and set out to create the most ethical and sustainable version possible of this long-running favorite. The Classic T-Shirt Company was born, and things have continually progressed from there.

The Classic T-Shirt Company officially opened its doors on July 4, 2018. The Garibians chose that date for the launch to commemorate the nation's Independence Day and promote American-made products, including their luxury t-shirts. During the year to follow, the company's organic cotton t-shirts were available to a small number of customers on a limited basis. Customers tested more than 2,000 shirts in that time, subjecting them to repeated wear and at least 60 wash cycles.

Responsible harvesting and sustainable manufacturing techniques are used in the making of the company's t-shirts. Each product is handcrafted by fair-trade workers and pre-washed and shrunk to ensure quality and longevity once it reaches the customer according to information made available on the company website. Various men's and women's options are available, including long and short-sleeved versions as well as crew and v-neck styles.

Concluded Garibian, We went into this venture knowing the traditional fashion industry is responsible for a huge amount of environmental destruction. Our goal was to show our daughter and future generations it's possible to produce great products that don't harm the planet and that give back to communities rather than taking away from them. We're excited that our one-year anniversary and the hard-launch of our t-shirts are finally here. Our team looks forward to further expanding our product lines while never losing sight of our commitment to quality and sustainability.
(PRN | 7 months ago)

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Ethical Clothing Brand Debuts Fair Trade Organic Cotton T-Shirt