British music band's broken guitar, archives on London view

London, Aug 14 : The personal archives of "The Clash", one of the most popular British bands of the previous century, are all set to go on a free exhibition at the Museum of London, it was announced on Wednesday.

With notes, clothing, images and music, the collection is highlighted by a guitar Paul Simonon smashed on stage in 1979. The image capturing this moment is deemed as one of the greatest rock images in history.

The exhibition is an ode to the band's third album "London Calling" -- an instant classic and era-defining masterpiece which still stands as one of rock's all-time greatest albums.

"London Calling" was and is a hugely compelling melting pot of musical styles, driven by a passion for action and a fierce political anger, with music and lyrics which remain as relevant today as they were when released, the museum said in a statement..

In a treat to music lovers, also on view will be a handwritten album sequence note by Mick Jones showing the final and correct order for "London Calling".

On exhibition will be one of Joe Strummer's notebooks from 1979, the period when the album "London Calling" was rehearsed and recorded; Strummer's typewriter used to document ideas, lyrics and other writings and Topper Headon's drum sticks, which are his only remaining item.

Many of the previously unseen works will be on view in "The Clash London Calling" from November 15 here.

(IANS | 6 months ago)

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British music band's broken guitar, archives on London view