Here's what those without siblings have to say about Raksha Bandhan

By Himanshi Singh, New Delhi, Aug 9: A day of pride and of the recognition that you are constant in someone's life is what Raksha Bandhan means to Saumya Mishra!

While it comes as fun-filled day each year, Saumya is amongst many who feel the void of not having their own brother to tie the thread of love, respect, care and protection on their wrists.

From waking up with the zing of celebration, dressing up to their best, to asking for gifts from their brothers, girls keep their plans ready for the day. But what about those who don't have their partners-in-crime?

"I never ever gave a thought that I don't have my own brother. May be because of the bond I share with my cousins. From tying rakhi to putting tilak on their forehead to shamelessly, asking for presents to sitting in same bed eating, chit-chatting about the time gone, this is Rakhi for me," Saumya said.

Well yes, one might not have a brother but having a loving cousin does is as good. Even if it's a brother from another mother, Raksha Bandhan is all about love!

The festival buzz starts days before, but Arushi Gaur, who is the only child of her parents, feels that for her it somewhat "less".

Although, to mark the day she celebrates with her cousins but she feels that "tying Rakhi on their wrists is like a formality."

Raksha Bandhan is called so because of the brothers' pledge to care and protect their sisters from any evil. Pooja Singh, a java programmer in Delhi, wasn't blessed with a brother but she enjoys the day in full-spirit nonetheless.

Despite not having a brother, she never stays behind in enjoying the celebration to the fullest. Pooja ties Rakhis to her parents and even to the statue of Lord Krishna at home because she believes that the significance of the day lies in "protection", be it from anyone.

"It's not about a festival, rather about protection as the name suggests. So I tie one Rakhi to Lord Krishna's statue and even to my parents since they too protect me," Pooja said.

She continued saying, "Since I am married now, I even tie a rakhi on my brother-in-law's wrist."

Neelesh, a young intern at an ad agency in Gurgaon, misses having a sister but enjoys the day with his cousins, who send him rakhis even when he's away.

"I do feel the void of not having a sister whom I can tease, irritate and care for at the same time," he added.

There is no denying the fact that the day is an ode to the brother-sister bond but those who don't have siblings should not shy away from enjoying the day with their near and dear ones.
(ANI | 6 months ago)

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Here's what those without siblings have to say about Raksha Bandhan