Monday, 17 Feb 2020

Brandi Cyrus gives piece of advice to sister Miley post her split with husband

Washington D.C. , Aug 13 : Days after Miley Cyrus's split, her elder sister Brandi gave a piece of advice to the star about trusting life's twists and turns.

The sister and manager of the pop-star shared the advice on her Instagram page which is just giving out sibling goals.

"I've learned that life sometimes takes us through seasons when we cannot understand why things have to hurt so much or be so hard, but all we can do is trust that there is a purpose in everything, even the darkness," the 32-year-old Brandi wrote.

Adding, she went on to write, "And in time everything will make sense, and all of that purpose will be revealed when the time is right, and we will be stronger and better for it."

The advice sparked several comments and among the ones to praise Brandi for the concern was 'The Bachelor season 20; contestant Olivia Caridi, who wrote, "You are so wise."

Us Weekly confirmed on Saturday that Miley, 26, and Hemsworth, 29, had split after seven months of marriage.

(ANI | 6 months ago)