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Why You Should Do A Golden Triangle Tour

Why You Should Do A Golden Triangle Tour

Delhi, Aug 12: I understand if visiting Delhi is not on the top of your travel list. It is a tough city to stay in even for a few days, as it is much more polluted than other major cities and the streets are filthy.

If you're looking for a relaxed getaway, it is not the place for you. However, doing a Golden Triangle tour should be one of your travel priorities.

The Golden Triangle – Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur – has some of the most important sites in the country. Transportation is easy to organise and affordable – you can get a comfortable tourist bus from Delhi to Agra. There is a lot to see and do, and you will find yourself enjoying it.

These are the top reasons you should do a Golden Triangle tour.

The Taj Mahal is a bucket list item

If you haven't yet seen the Taj Mahal, you need to remedy for that. Old buildings can be incredibly disappointing, as you'll know if you've visited some European cities. The Taj Mahal is not at all disappointing, though. In fact, it may well exceed your expectations. There's a reason it is a Wonder of the World.

The thing about the Taj Mahal is you cannot appreciate it from the pictures alone. It is indeed very picturesque, outlined against the sky, and you will take many Instagrammable photos. But it is the details that will blow your mind. The intricate work that went into perfecting each tiny aspect of the perfectly symmetrical complex is difficult to comprehend, and there are surprises around every corner.

Delhi's important sites

Delhi itself may not be the destination of your dreams, and some people do thoroughly dislike it. However, others fall in love with it. It has its own particular charm, with villages like Hauz Khas being the perfect example of just how hip and attractive the city could be.

More significantly, though, is the fact that it is home to so many important sites. Aside from Parliament House, sites like the Red Fort and Humayun's Tomb are important architectural artefacts.

Buildings today are not designed to last for hundreds of years, as they were in the distant past, and even the sites you think won't interest you will have their particular draw.

But Delhi and Agra should definitely not take all the spotlight.

Jaipur is stunning

Jaipur is known for its beauty. Its old city, called the Pink City, is filled with terracotta buildings (yes, it's not quite pink!).

The most magnificent of these buildings is the King's Palace. This is the sort of place you imagine the great kings of old residing in – except that it still houses Jaipur's current king and his family. It is therefore incredibly opulent, with a blue room, a mirror room, lush furnishings, and a guest room that Princess Diana stayed in the 1980s.

The Amer Fort is also a stunning site to see just outside Jaipur. This fort is no longer inhabited, but makes for a wonderful trip through history, with all the brilliant ways they found to keep the fort comfortable before the days of AC or indoor heating!

The Golden Triangle should be on your travel list. It is not just for foreigners looking for a "cultural" experience, but brings our history to life.

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Why You Should Do A Golden Triangle Tour

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