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Ludhiana: Price rise affects goat market ahead of Bakrid

Ludhiana , Aug 11 : The sale of goats and sheep is seeing a dip this year due to high prices in the market just ahead of Bakrid.

The traders indicate that the goats or sheep which are worth Rs 50,000 are not being sold at even Rs 30,000 because of low demand in the market.

"The goat which was earlier sold at Rs 50,000 is not even being bought at Rs 30,000 as the demand is low," Akil Qureshi, a goat-seller said.

"I have come from Varanasi to buy a goat here but the rates are very high this year. The goat-sellers are pegging high prices. We are ready to shell out Rs 60,000 for a goat they are pegging the price at Rs 85,000. But they are not ready to sell the goat at this price. Because of Eid, the prices are going sky high and it is definitely higher than last year," Nasir Ansari, a buyer said.

The festival of Eid al-Adha or Bakrid is going to be celebrated on August 12 this year.

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Ludhiana: Price rise affects goat market ahead of Bakrid

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