Tuesday, 18 Feb 2020

Stillcanna Prepares to Harvest the First of its 1500 Hectares in Poland

VANCOUVER: Stillcanna Inc. (CSE:STIL, OTC:SCNNF, FRANKFURT:A2PEWA) (STIL or the Company) is pleased to announce that final preparations for the harvesting of its 2019 crop are being implemented by its Olimax team in Poland.

To supplement Olimax's 20 years of agricultural experience and to better handle such a significant harvest, the Company has retained Mateusz Bojek, a third generation agricultural expert specializing in the harvesting, drying and storing of hemp to retain its highest Cannabidiol (CBD) content. Mateusz represents one of Europe's leading suppliers of specialty farm equipment and is the author of a patent for proprietary harvesting and drying equipment held by Olimax.

Hemp has been grown for seed and fiber in Europe for centuries. The growing, harvesting and drying of hemp for the extraction of CBD is a new specialty. Backed with generational experience, Mateusz developed equipment, technology and methodologies to maximize the efficiency of harvesting hemp for CBD. As part of the Olimax agricultural family, Mateusz concentrated on the harvesting and post-harvesting processes, creating a broad knowledge base, contacts throughout the industry and a thorough understanding of the Seed to CBD process within Olimax.

Having Mateusz join our Polish team is another strong link in our supply chain. Stated Jason Dussault CEO of Stillcanna. Mateusz's knowledge and expertise in the harvesting of hemp, specifically for the production of CBD is rare in this young industry, and we are pleased to have him onboard.

The Company's newest extraction facility in Poland, named Nexus, is a technical upgrade from its first extraction facility in Romania, named Origin, which is a J.V. with Dragonfly Biosciences. Stillcanna's third planned extraction facility in Poland, named Horizon, will be a technical culmination of acquired practical knowledge from the Origin and Nexus facilities. Horizon is designed to be one of the most advanced, green, high-capacity facilities in the world.

The Nexus extraction facility in Poland is expected to be operational in Q4 of 2019. While capable of producing both distillate and isolate, Nexus has been engineered to produce over 1,000 kilos of isolate every month. Nexus has also been designed to double its capacity with the addition of more distillation equipment (if required) while the Company builds Horizon.

Please visit http//www.thestillcannareport.com for interviews with Stillcanna's Polish team and current photos of the Company's hemp fields.

The Company's Founder Marc Crimeni is relocating to Europe. In tandem with his relocation, Mr. Crimeni has resigned from the Stillcanna Board of Directors and Shae de Jaray, the Company's Chief Operating Officer and Senior Engineer, has been appointed to the Board.

The Company is pleased to announce a total of 500,000 stock options have been granted to certain employees and consultants of the Company pursuant to the Company's stock option plan. The options are exercisable for a period of 5 years at a price of $1.10 per share.

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