Pipeliner Releases Customizable Product and Price List Enhancements

LOS ANGELES: Pipelinersales announced today major enhancements that allow companies to customize their product lists within Pipeliner CRM.

Customers can now define different types of Products and create a corresponding Custom Form for each Product.

These Custom Forms can also include Custom Fields. Now when a customer adds Products to the Products & Prices section in the Administration Module, they can fill in those Custom Fields with additional Product details specific to their business.

In addition, customers can now also import products and price lists using .csv files or the API - this makes regularly updating products and pricing simple and convenient.

Today's product release also includes a new communication feature for updating users on new features and enhancements. This feature called What's New? is embedded within the Pipeliner CRM App and flashes when there is an update and then displays a pop-up containing information, videos, and other assets on how to use the new or enhanced feature. This is part of Pipeliner's ongoing dedication to empowering users to be as proficient as possible.

The release today of the ability to further customize products and prices in Pipeliner CRM is another example of how we are enabling our customers to adapt our CRM to their business, said Nikolaus Kimla We are leading the market in how easy Pipeliner is to administer and putting the control of the CRM back into the hands of those operating within the business on a day-to-day basis. And now with our 'What's New?' feature built into the product, we are also ensuring that end users can quickly understand and immediately start using every new feature or enhancement.

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Pipeliner Releases Customizable Product and Price List Enhancements