World Pharmatech's XtraLast for Male Sexuality on Sale at

BOCA RATON, Fla: World Pharmatech, a California-based biomedical innovation company, announced this week that its holistic male enhancement supplement, XtraLast, which blends known traditional remedies with modern technology, is now on sale at the popular online health and wellness portal,

The supplement's formula includes 16 clinically-tested ingredients, 13 of which are herbal extracts. XtraLast is a holistic alternative to prescription erectile dysfunction drugs, which often come with side effects.

This is exciting news for XtraLast and World Pharmatech. We recently decided to expand our distribution network in the United States, said Jin Wu, CFO and global marketing manager for World Pharmaceutical Technology, the parent company that developed XtraLast. Getting XtraLast on is a great first step.

XtraLast works in several ways to increase overall sexual performance. It enhances normal circulation and naturally helps restore balance lost with age in the bodies of middle-aged males.

Wu said World Pharmatech saw that the various ED drugs came with common side effects, which include headaches, flushing, dizziness and upset stomach. Men with certain heart conditions are also urged by the FDA to exercise caution when using ED drugs.

XtraLast was developed to enhance blood flow, energy, stamina, and desire, Wu said. Our mission is to help men live normal lives.

There is certainly a need for supplements that can help males with sexual dysfunction problems. Approximately 40 percent of men are affected by some form of ED by age 40 and that number reaches 70 percent by age 70.

XtraLast is the first supplement that World Pharmaceutical Technology plans to introduce to the American consumer. The start-up company already has three more supplements in the pipeline for release later this year or in 2020, including Glycostatin for blood sugar issues, Vesopro for cholesterol levels and a broad range of Premium Vitamins for daily health maintenance.

We are working to develop holistic supplements that give people improved quality of life, Wu said.

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World Pharmatech's XtraLast for Male Sexuality on Sale at