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OfficeTools Announces Newest Version and Continued Innovation at AbacusMaximus User Conference

LAS VEGAS: AbacusNext, the largest technology provider for the legal and accounting professions, today announced its latest OfficeTools release, 3.2. This new version introduces innovative new features and key improvements throughout the application.

Abacus Payment Exchange (APX), introduced last year in OfficeTools, has been given an amazing new capability APX PayNow. OfficeTools users can now automatically send invoices directly to a client's inbox or SMS text, and have that bill paid, via credit card, through a secure, easy-to-use online site. OfficeTools is immediately notified of the payment, removing friction and time-consuming work from the collection process. Single and mass billing are supported, greatly enhancing the productivity and cost-effectiveness of billing activities.

In our ongoing effort to simplify and secure our clients' work environments, OfficeTools now leverages Microsoft Active Directory, allowing users to directly access their critical practice data and tools. Through its Single Sign On (SSO) feature, OfficeTools administrators can now map OT users to their Windows accounts, eliminating the need for a separate username and password. This further ensures that security policies applied at the network level are also followed within OfficeTools itself, eliminating security vulnerabilities and removing one more complex step to getting work done.

Inspired by the same goal of getting more work done while reducing the effort required, this version of OfficeTools adds the ability to mass update document records, changing their contacts' relationships, their applicable year, their projects and even their categories. This is a huge time-saver when a large number of files need to be amended.

Additionally, OfficeTools version 3.2 adds sorting functionality specifically designed to highlight missing client information, allowing the staff member to easily identify them for quick follow-up. Finally, this release introduces even better automated client reminders. These can now automatically be set to send email or even SMS text notices to appointment attendees. The result is a significant improvement in the efficiency and the immediacy of their client communications through OfficeTools,

OfficeTools APX PayNow, Single Sign On, Multi Document Selection, sorting, and reminders will keep our clients at the forefront of Accounting Practice Management technology. We are on a mission to empower our clients with the best technology for their practice success. These new features provide even more ROI for our clients, and we're delighted to announce them at our annual user conference. - Scott Johnson, CEO

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OfficeTools Announces Newest Version and Continued Innovation at AbacusMaximus User Conference

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