Park West Gallery And Tim Yanke Reveal New Hi-Tech Augmented Reality Art

SOUTHFIELD, Mich: Park West Gallery recently revealed something huge. A select group of collectors got the very first look at Park West's new Reveal collection, a groundbreaking program utilizing augmented reality (AR) technology to unlock a whole new dimension of art.

We are constantly looking to innovate, says Park West Founder and CEO Albert Scaglione. The Reveal platform gives artists an exciting new tool to enrich their artwork in ways previous generations never could've imagined.

The magic of Reveal begins when collectors download an exclusive Reveal app for their smartphones or tablets. While viewing Reveal's specially-enhanced artwork through the app, the art comes to life—moving, changing, and (in some cases) flying off the canvas.

Part West Gallery teamed with renowned artist Tim Yanke for the launch of Reveal, making him the first artist to ever specially design art for this new virtual experience.

The experience began at the recent launch event when auctioneers unveiled Yanke's newest work of art titled Peta Louthias. The artwork, comprised of a cluster of butterflies, is a brand-new medium called a sculptograph, which uses 3D printing to bring together traditional painting and sculpture in a fresh new way.

The crowd cheered, but Jason Betteridge, one of the senior Park West auctioneers who helped develop and launch Reveal, informed them, You haven't seen anything yet.

Calling the work the most technologically advanced artwork we've ever created, Betteridge asked the assembled crowd to look at Peta Louthias through the new Reveal app. When they did, the cluster of butterflies on Yanke's canvas began flapping its wings and flew around the room, eliciting gasps from nearby spectators. You can see a video of the art reveal here https//

I want my paintings to inspire curiosity in every viewer, said Yanke. This can only be accomplished by a marriage of visual dialogue and personal interaction. With Reveal, my paintings won't just hang on your walls, they'll interact with you in a very real way.

Yanke's collection is the first of many planned for the Reveal platform. The virtual experience will differ for each work, and every artist will be intimately involved in designing what gets revealed when viewers explore their artwork through the Reveal app.

The idea of venturing into uncharted waters has always been intriguing to me, says Yanke. That's why I jumped at the chance to develop this program with Park West. There's now a new way to bring my paintings to life. It's incredibly satisfying.

Betteridge concurs, noting that, Reveal adds a whole other dimension to the work. Now, our collectors can have these secret worlds hiding in the art on their walls and they're the only ones who will know how to unlock them. The level of interest we're seeing in this new augmented reality experience is completely unprecedented.

The Tim Yanke Reveal collection is available exclusively through Park West Gallery. If you're interested in learning more, contact their gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or [email protected] for more details.
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Park West Gallery And Tim Yanke Reveal New Hi-Tech Augmented Reality Art