Pluma Announces Expansive 8X Revenue Growth

SAN MATEO, Calif: Pluma, the world's first customizable platform to offer mobile 1:1 and group coaching with highly experienced executive-quality coaches, announced record growth in 2018 and aggressive continued expansion in 2019.

Over the past year, Pluma has supported thousands of participants at global organizations such as Adobe, Gap Inc., and Dropbox, helping a broad audience of employees access executive-quality support and thrive as leaders, managers and colleagues. The company plans to expand their extensive network of executive coaches and continue to build their presence in the U.S. and abroad.

Pluma coaches work with clients to drive a bespoke experience that focuses on what's most important to the individual in terms of their professional development and workplace well-being. Organizations partner with Pluma to support all levels of employees who are often taking on new roles, managing others and leading their teams through transitions. Participants set unique and meaningful goals with their coaches, and across thousands of users, Pluma demonstrates an 87.2% goal achievement rate.

Pluma is making the link between coaching and technology robust and valuable, and they work with us to create a coaching experience that is clearly aligned with Dropbox's culture and values. The quality of the coaching is incredible, and the ops and customer service make the experience top notch, said Karlee Pierce, L&D Specialist at Dropbox. Employees stay engaged and encouraged, results are clearly measurable and they are able to select unique focus areas with their coach based on their own individual needs, she added. For example, employees who chose to work on 'Innovation' with Pluma reported a 29.2% increase in their ability to drive innovation after working with their coach.

Pluma has zero churn amongst its organizational partners, largely due to its focus on coaching quality and cultural alignment. Across tens of thousands of coaching sessions, Pluma coaches have a 4.92/5.0 rating, a testament to Pluma's focus on quality.

What's unique about Pluma is that we are able to measure not only the employee's own perception of their growth, but also the impact felt by those around them, says Monica Kough, Director of Talent Development at Adobe. For example, building a culture of coaching is important at Adobe, and many of our employees choose to work on building their own coaching skills with their Pluma coach. We see an average improvement of 17.5% in employee's self-reported abilities, but we also see an average 17.1% improvement observed by their 360° colleagues.

How Pluma Works

Personal - Pluma utilizes a proprietary diagnostic model and pairing algorithm that enables every employee to focus on perspective development and behavior change 11 with an executive coach that aligns with their profile and needs.
Convenient - Coaching takes place via video sessions and unlimited messaging, making sure employees have easy access to the support they need.
Scalable - Pluma works with organizations on five continents to offer coaching to thousands of employees. With Pluma, organizations can scale their coaching efforts without sacrificing quality.
Measurable - Pluma drives results for every partner, customizing KPIs and demonstrating behavior change, sentiment change and goal achievement for every coaching engagement.

No two people are the same, and every company has their own culture and values, so a one-size-fits all approach to coaching will always fall flat. Additionally, because coaching is such a personal experience and all of our partners have such high-caliber employees, it's of the utmost importance that our coaches have extensive operational and coaching experience, said Alexandra Connell, CEO and Co-Founder of Pluma. At Pluma, we work with our organizational partners to develop an executive-quality coaching program for employees at all levels that is tailored to their needs, keeping employees highly-engaged and driving measurable impact.
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Pluma Announces Expansive 8X Revenue Growth