U.S. Business: Our Workplace Can Be 'Power Plants of the Future'

ISELIN, N.J: According to new research released today, U.S. businesses are ready to shoulder the responsibility for a changing energy landscape, with four out of five businesses (79pc ) planning to increase the amount of power they self-generate over the next five years.

The research report from Centrica Business Solutions, Distributed Energy Future Trends The insights behind sustainable business growth, points to the growing importance of balancing environmental and economic considerations for U.S. businesses. While economic drivers are more pronounced for U.S. businesses, the research also points to the need for environmental action, with 85% of businesses viewing an organization's action on the environment as influential in deciding whether to use or work with a brand.

In a survey of nearly 750 U.S. companies, eight traits are identified that truly sustainable businesses demonstrate, including continuous innovation and action on the environment. However, only one in eight businesses are defined as a 'sustainable business' - one that balances economic and environmental performance.

The most forward-thinking businesses are those taking control of their energy supply, with energy security seen as one of the fastest growing business risks. Over a third (35%) of businesses view energy security as a substantial risk to their long-term economic success. Leadership that prioritize implementing energy management solutions are also likely to be the most successful. In fact, seven in 10 (70%) of the best performers are those that demonstrate advanced energy leadership.

Profitability is a key driver for sustainability, with one in five (20%) now viewing energy as an asset that can generate revenue. In fact, 40% of those with existing energy generation on-site are committed to providing reserve capacity to the grid - unlocking revenue streams and competitive advantage through the use of smart technology, such as demand response services.

Four in five (80%) of those surveyed believe that most organizations across the country will generate at least a quarter of their own energy on-site by 2025, essentially becoming the 'power plants of the future'.

This new research confirms that U.S. businesses continue to seize control of their energy needs, said Stephen Prince, Head of Centrica Business Solutions North America. Companies are looking to improve their environmental performance and are finding that investing in distributed energy, on-site generation, and energy efficiency is affordable and leads to improved operational performance. From improving resilience, to demonstrating environmental benefits, to creating additional revenue from grid services, load flexibility or selling power back to the grid, there are more opportunities than ever for companies to take advantage of distributed energy.
(PRN | 7 months ago)

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U.S. Business: Our Workplace Can Be 'Power Plants of the Future'