Rahul is captain, no crisis within Congress: Ashok Gehlot

New Delhi , July 23 : Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Monday said that Rahul Gandhi is the captain of the Congress party. He asserted that there is no leadership crisis in the party.

"Rahul Gandhi is the captain of the party and will remain so. There is no crisis within the part," he said while talking to reporters here.

"Congress Working Committee (CWC) will take a final call on it but there is no leadership crisis," he added.

He accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of winning the election based on lies.

"Narendra Modi indulged in the false campaign, misled people by proxy nationalism and hiding behind the forces," he said

"He even did politics in the name of religion. People are doubting EVMs also. So winning the election by these things is a different matter but we have seen the downfall of those who achieved heights. Modi has reached his zenith. Now, he is on a downward slope. He is getting exposed in the economy, in jobs. Farmers are unhappy," added Gehlot.

Praising Priyanka Gandhi for her protest against the Sonbhadra agitation, Gehlot said that she has exposed the Uttar Pradesh government.

"In a democracy, it is the duty of the opposition to know about the pain of people. What was the reason behind it? What would have happened if she went there? Who stopped leaders of the ruling party will go there?" he asked.

Priyanka took the right decision at the right time and this was appreciated by the entire country, he said.

Commenting on the Karnataka crisis, he said, "It is unfortunate that such kind of hooliganism is taking place in the country. You broke 12 MLAs in Telangana, you are indulged in horse-trading in Karnataka, in Goa you gave ministerial berth to those whom you called mafias when they were with the Congress."

"This political hooliganism will teach BJP a lesson as they will face a revolt within the party," he said

Congratulating ISRO for the launch of Chandryaan-2 mission, he said, "I congratulate our scientist over the launch of Chandrayaan-2. It is a big achievement. From the time, when ISRO was formed, it has taken 35-40 years for the country to reach this stage. The beginning that was made during the era of Indira Gandhi and Pandit Nehru...it is the result of those efforts that the country today is standing with countries of the world in space technology."

"Satellites of several countries are being launched from India. What will be the matter of more pride than this," he said.

(ANI | 10 months ago)

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Rahul is captain, no crisis within Congress: Ashok Gehlot