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FarmFundr: The First Ever Crowdfunded Almond Orchard

FRESNO, Calif: Brandon Silveira, a fourth-generation farmer and real estate investor is the founder and CEO of FarmFundr, an Agriculture Investment company that is offering the first ever crowdfunded almond orchard.

Farmfundr allocates investors the opportunity to own a piece of high desired California Farmland without the daily upkeep.

We encourage accredited investors to consider diversifying their portfolios and investing in sustainable agriculture real estate. Silveira states. Farm returns have averaged more than 12% since the great depression, but investors must realize that farmland is a long-term investment. The return on an investment can vary from twelve months to seven years.

FarmFundr currently farms and manages millions in assets. The farmland managers grow a variety of crops including; alfalfa, almonds, corn, garlic, grapes, onions, pistachios, tomatoes, wheat, and walnuts. Our company is dedicated to bridging the gap between Investors and Agriculture. Silveira added.

If you would like to know more about FarmFundr, you can visit our website at

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FarmFundr: The First Ever Crowdfunded Almond Orchard

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