Monday, 17 Feb 2020

Blast Mobile Is Currently Available in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store

HOUSTON: Introducing Blast Mobile App! This app allows both the customer and the employee to rate each other based on the interactions exchanged.

here are always two sides of a story; whether good or bad, this app allows both sides to be heard. This app has a rating system gauging from -5 to +5. Depending on the establishment's participation, the higher the rating you have, the more chances you have of receiving incentives determined by the establishment.

If rideshare apps allow both the driver and rider to rate each other, why not do it for the service industry? I think it's great! ­- {Christine J.}, a friend of the app creator.

The app appeals include the following user friendly features

Ability to review comments.
Review all the places that you have checked into.
Customers can check into establishments.
The application displays nearby restaurants based on the location added to your profile.

Visit http// for further information about the app including screenshots, videos, and details on exciting future app enhancements!

Blast Mobile was developed with the assistance of The Appineers, a leading mobile app design and development agency established in 2017, located in Atlanta, Georgia.

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