KWT Global's Aaron Kwittken Launches Purpose Podcast

NEW YORK, June 26, 2019 : KWT Global, an MDC Partners Inc. (NASDAQ: MDCA) brand strategy and communications agency, announced the launch of Brand on Purpose, a new podcast that uncovers the untold stories behind companies that endeavor to serve the greater good.

KWT Global Founder and CEO Aaron Kwittken created the podcast to talk with senior leaders, entrepreneurs and investors from both well-known and emerging purpose-driven companies about how authentically engaging in social impact initiatives can elevate both brands and the communities they serve.

Organizations that understand the inherent value of centering their identity around social purpose have a tremendous opportunity to differentiate themselves and impact the communities and people they serve, said Kwittken. By showcasing brands and programs that support social justice and well-being, such as sustainability, clean water and fighting hunger and poverty, Brand on Purpose promotes larger conversations around how working toward a greater purpose unites us and inspires action.

The first season of Brand on Purpose airs June 26, with new episodes available to stream or download every Wednesday on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher and

Each episode of Brand on Purpose dives into the unique purpose-driven projects undertaken at each company, in addition to the guest's particular background. Notable guests this season include

Mike Masserman, Head of Social Impact, Lyft
Sarah Hartmann, Executive Director, IRONMAN Foundation
Kevin Tighe, Co-Founder, Coastal Co.
Steve Wymer, Chief Communications Officer & eBay Foundation Board Chair, eBay
Andrei Cherny, CEO & Co-Founder, Aspiration
Richard Perkins, Founder, Gells Clothing
David Wolfe, Co-Founder & Board Chair, Leesa Sleep
Craig Elbert, CEO & Co-Founder, Care/of
Jim Geikie, Partner, One Better Ventures
David Kalt, CEO & Founder, Reverb
Damian Bradfield, President & Chief Marketing Officer, WeTransfer
Teresa Orsolini, Chief Marketing Officer, Swell Investing

Brand on Purpose is an extension of Kwittken's Forbes column, in which he writes about his conversations with Chief Marketing Officers and executives on their purpose-driven brands and programs. The podcast also reflects KWT Global's own purpose-built culture and business model. In late 2017, the agency announced that retained clients could elect to have up to an additional 10 percent of their professional fees donated by to pro-bono marketing communications support in service of their social causes or CSR programs. All staff members across KWT Global's offices in New York, London and Toronto also receive two paid Purpose Days a year to donate their time to social causes of their choice.

Episodes are recorded from KWT Global's New York studio located in the WNYC Radio building in Manhattan. Senior leaders and architects of purpose-driven brands interested in participating in a future episode should send an email to [email protected] with brief details on the guest, company and their purpose-driven initiatives.

To learn more about Brand on Purpose or KWT Global, visit or
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KWT Global's Aaron Kwittken Launches Purpose Podcast