AixSwiss Nupure Probiotics May Help with Anxiety

BOCA RATON, Fla: If you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, Nupure probiotics by AixSwiss B.V., may help.

A review of 21 studies that examined 1,503 people in General Psychiatry indicates that those who experience signs of anxiety may be helped by regulating the microorganisms in their gut. The review suggests that regulating intestinal flora - the bacteria that live in the digestive tract - should be considered when trying to alleviate anxiety.

AixSwiss's two flagship offerings are designed to address precisely this issue.

Nupure Probiflor, which has 11 different bacterial types and 20 billion active cultures per capsule, provides essential probiotics for optimal digestive support.
Probipure Junior, a similar product, has been designed for the needs of children.

More and more research is coming out that shows gut health affects more than your intestines, said Joerg Paule, CEO of AixSwiss B.V. The key is to have the right balance of 'good' bacteria in your gut keeping the 'bad' bacteria at bay.

When you have too many unhealthy organisms in your gut microbiome, you are more likely to have Crohn's Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. When your microbiome is out of balance, your heart and kidneys can be negatively affected as well.

Now, it appears that gut bacteria also play a role in your brain's activity, including the problems of anxiety and depression.

There are signs you can look for if you are concerned about your gut's microbiome. An upset stomach certainly is a warning that your bacteria need rebalancing. Other signs include a high-sugar diet, weight changes, fatigue and skin irritation.

AixSwiss's Nupure probiotics include three specific types of bacteria strains to help create equilibrium

Lactobacillus are lactic acid bacteria that are naturally found in the intestine and help with digestion by breaking down sugar molecules.
Bifidobacterium strains digest glucose by fermenting lactic acid, facilitate food absorption in the intestine and enhance the immune system.
Streptococcus thermophiles can prevent lactose intolerance by processing large quantities of the lactase enzyme. It also stimulates bowel movement and supports the immune system.

Getting your microbiome in perfect harmony is a major step toward overall good health, Paule said. This is why we developed our Nupure probiotic product line. We know that good gut health is the start of good health for the entire body.

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AixSwiss Nupure Probiotics May Help with Anxiety