SAN FRANCISCO: Averon, developer of the world's first mobile identity verification standard that is both automatically frictionless and ultra-secure, has been listed as one of five Companies to Watch in One World Identity's annual report on the identity and authentication industry.
The independent report, titled "The Perimeter is Dead, $148B Physical Access Market to Lead IAM Growth," evaluated solutions for the Physical Identity & Access Management (PIAM) space and took a broad view of the IAM landscape.

"Identity and authentication are two of the most challenging problems in today's digital society. At Averon, we've answered these challenges by offering the highest level of security combined with the most seamless user experience," said Wendell Brown, Averon CEO and co-founder. "Authentication must be effortless to be implemented widely and create the kind of sea change needed for user security now and in the future. We're proud to be highlighted as a 'Company to Watch' while the compelling applications of our technology become increasingly recognized around the world."

Among the report's findings are the following important observations:

The next generation of IAM will be focused on identity tools and Trust & Safety mechanisms that help organizations responsibly govern all parties who engage with their brand.
With the introduction of identity and the concepts of Trust & Safety as key focal points of these technologies, authentication modalities differentiate themselves on two main factors: the level of security they offer and the seamlessness of the user experience.
Robust security models today are successful at distilling the security problem into its core components: identity, valuable assets and the access relationships between these two continually evolving things.

Averon speeds the process of digital identity verification to mere milliseconds, using real-time mobile carrier data signaling and hardware already in every mobile phone worldwide. Averon's innovations delight users with totally effortless identity verification, providing ultra-secure authentication that's continuously active via silent smart signaling. Averon's Direct Autonomous Authentication (DAA) requires no apps and no software downloads, depends on no personally identifiable data and is impervious to all forms of social engineering.

"IAM should be thought of as the entire set of processes and technologies that ensures that the right people can access the right assets at the right time for the right purposes," said Travis Jarae, CEO of OWI. "The breadth of products on the table no longer adds sufficient value. Instead, the ability for vendors to show they understand identity and some of its key challenges is the key differentiator today."

Cybercrimes—including hacks from email spam and scams, phishing attacks, fake news and data intercepts, as well as economic crimes such as credit card, cryptocurrency and retail fraud—have become increasingly dangerous avenues for identity theft, stealing money and violating privacy. Up to now, the status quo of security, including 2FA (two-factor authentication), PKI and multifactor methods, has been cumbersome for users, costly and ineffective, leaving customer data vulnerable and exposing businesses to risk. Averon has flipped this story, foiling hackers while keeping users safe and happy.

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