PHOENIX: Brooklyn Bedding, manufacturer and retailer of custom mattresses since 1995, announced today the extension of one of the most generous honor discounts in the country to now include law enforcement officers, firefighters, and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) in addition to military members-offering 25pc off the retail price of any sleep product any time, including major purchases like mattresses and electric adjustable bases.
The discount, applied at checkout, will be powered by, a leader in digital identity verification that simplifies how individuals prove and share their identity online.

"The Brooklyn Bedding family has tremendous respect for those men and women on the front lines working to save lives and protect our communities across the nation," said John Merwin, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Brooklyn Bedding. "Their more extreme work demands require more extreme sleep recovery. Extending the honor discount to include first responders as well as military members was a natural evolution of a program designed to offer top of the line sleep solutions at a more affordable price to those who serve."

First responders can load their carts with any product selections, then click the Responder ID button at checkout for rapid verification of identity. The automatic discount will also be honored in stores: eligible individuals can present their active first responder identification, or work with an associate to verify their identity with on a computer at check-out. Like all Brooklyn Bedding purchases, the first responders discount includes free shipping on all orders, along with a free 120-night trial and 10-year warranty on the purchase of any mattress.

"We understand the depth of sleep challenges first responders face," said Merwin. "They're more likely to experience insomnia, work shift disorder or sleep apnea because of irregular schedules and job-related stress. Our approach is focused on not only fueling their short-term performance during high pressure situations but helping to mitigate problems that lead to long-term health issues. Our sleep experts are available to address their questions and help them choose the right sleep products for their unique needs."

(Posted on 05 July 2018, 1680164086 34O239O173O144)