Mmuze Enables World's Leading Grocers to Compete With Amazon by Leveraging Voice Commerce Technology

TEL AVIV, Israel: Mmuze, a leader in conversational AI technology, announced today it has expanded its voice shopping offering to the grocery industry.

The technology will enable online grocery retailers to offer consumers a natural shopping experience through voice or text and gives customers the ability to easily manage carts and make changes to orders, shop according to dietary restrictions, browse by recipe and to easily compare brands, ingredients and pricing.

With voice commerce sales last year totaling $2.1 billion and the total expected to skyrocket to over $40 billion by 2022, grocery retailers are leveraging conversational AI technology to compete with Amazon, which already has voice-based grocery ordering capabilities. While other voice commerce platforms do not provide a natural conversational experience, and have a significant barrier to entry for end users that requires installation of specific functionalities to access voice capabilities, Mmuze requires no set-up process for shoppers, as it is offered directly by the retailer through any platform they choose.

Mmuze powers natural language understanding via text and voice as a tool for online grocery retailers to strengthen their relationship with customers and guide them to purchase. Using conversational AI technology that understands a user's intent, Mmuze interchangeably supports both mobile and desktop usage, as well as conversation through text messages and smart speakers, meaning a user can begin by using the voice functionality on one one platform and then switch to a different device to continue that same experience through text functionality.

Today's online grocery retailers are trying to compete with eCommerce giants who have entered the space, while continuously maneuvering around the grocery industry's notoriously low profit margins, said Ran Zfoni, CEO and co-founder of Mmuze. Mmuze provides a way for online retailers to help customers reduce the time, energy and friction associated with grocery shopping while increasing their cart sizes, and ultimately retailers' profit margins.

Mmuze facilitates a two-way conversation between consumers and retailers that enables personalization so that discounts, special offers, and sales on products that are relevant to a specific consumer based on their shopping history are communicated, as well as tailored recommendations, something that other voice commerce platforms are unable to do.
(PRN | 10 months ago)

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Mmuze Enables World's Leading Grocers to Compete With Amazon by Leveraging Voice Commerce Technology