Raika Technologies Helps App Developer Protect Dogs from Hot Cars

DENVER: Deciding whether an app idea is worth the time and finances to make it a reality can be a challenge.

Raika Technologies, a Denver-based incubator, helps startups make those decisions through Raika's Apptrepreneur Startup Program.

One of Raika's clients, PuppTech, is offering a solution to the problem of leaving dogs in the car for short periods of time when necessary. The PuppComm is a palm-sized, cloud-connected monitoring device with temperature and humidity sensors, GPS, and a microphone to allow users to monitor their dog. The PuppComm includes window stickers to let bystanders know the dog is safe.

Cynthia Delaria and Raika Technologies are vital to the success of PuppTech, Loopesko said. They turned my idea into a sophisticated working app. The education I received while going through this process with Raika is invaluable.

Loopesko doesn't advise leaving animals in a car for extended amounts of time, but understands it's sometimes necessary for brief periods. The PuppComm is available on PuppTech's website for the pre-sale price of $165 and is expected to be available for consumer delivery in September.

Raika helps developers evaluate market potential and create and launch their apps. Before proceeding with development, they meet to determine if an idea is worth pursuing. If both conclude the app has potential, they begin development.

PuppTech is an ideal example of why the Apptrepreneur Startup Program is so important, said Cynthia Delaria, CEO of Raika Technologies. Initially, William wanted to build air conditioners for dogs out of coolers. With a little redirection, strategy and targeting, PuppTech had a very successful IndieGoGo campaign, and is on target for delivery this summer.
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Raika Technologies Helps App Developer Protect Dogs from Hot Cars