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Hey Google, Open TripIt: Introducing New Google Assistant Action

SAN FRANCISCO: TripIt from Concur, the world's highest-rated travel-organizing app, released a new action for Google Assistant. TripIt users can now ask Google Assistant to instantly get details about an upcoming trip.

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve and help us work smarter, the TripIt team is constantly looking for new ways to make every trip easier, said Jen Moyse, director of product at TripIt from Concur. With our new TripIt action for Google Assistant, you can instantly get the travel information you need without picking up your phone or laptop.

TripIt users can now ask Google Assistant for their flight summary, information about the weather, aircraft and much more. TripIt Pro customers will also be able to get real-time updates on their flight status.

How it works

Hey Google, what's the weather like at my destination?

To get started using the TripIt action
Travelers can connect TripIt to Google Assistant through the Google Assistant app. Once connected, the app can be opened by saying Ok Google, talk to TripIt. Note that TripIt will only provide information on the next flight within a TripIt account.

Questions TripIt users can ask

What is my flight summary?
What time is my flight?
What is my airline?
What type of aircraft am I flying on?
What is the weather like at my destination?
What seat do I have?
What is the duration of my flight?
When do I arrive?

TripIt Pro users can also ask

What is my flight's status?
When should I leave for the airport?
What terminal is my flight in?
Where is my gate?

TripIt for Google Assistant is available to all U.S. and Canada TripIt users with a Google Assistant enabled device such as Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Home Max and enabled Android devices. A subscription to TripIt Pro ($49/year) is required to get real-time flight status. To learn more about how TripIt Pro can help you stay one step ahead, visit

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Hey Google, Open TripIt: Introducing New Google Assistant Action

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