Discover Boating Shares Insider Tips for Summer Boating Season

TORONTO: With summer boating season in full swing, Discover Boating Canada, the recreational boating industry's national campaign to help Canadians get on the water, shares insider tips to escape everyday life on land and experience the fun of boating close to home.

Vacation time doesn't mean having to travel far, you can enjoy all the benefits close to home - and more frequently - just by being on a boat, said Carl Blackwell, president of Discover Boating. Boating is a convenient way to escape from the stress on land, soak up the sunshine and fresh air and make lasting memories with your loved ones.

Unplugging to relax and recharge is more important than ever with more people taking less vacation time. Being on the water has been shown to offer relaxation, restoration and happiness, along with the added benefits of exercise, social time and a connection with nature.

Whether it is an action-packed weekend of watersports with the family, a relaxing sunset cruise with friends or a serene morning of fishing, getting out on the water is more accessible than many people think. Discover Boating Canada provides five easy ways to go boating this summer

1) Rent a boat. Rental options are available on most waterways and provide hourly, daily, or weekly access to a variety of boat types. Rental outfitters give tutorials on operating a boat, share safety instructions and offer suggestions on destinations.

2) Take a class. Sign up for a boating lesson to hone your powerboating, sailing or watersports skills by mastering the basics while having fun along the way. On-water training courses, watersports camps, youth boating programs and more are offered across the country.

3) Go fish. Fishing charters are available in many locations across Canada and offer expert guides to ensure an enjoyable trip. The appropriate gear is provided, and a professional guide leads you to the best fishing spots and shares helpful techniques to reel in your catch.

4) Join a membership program. Fractional boating membership programs pair several members on one boat with an owner and professionally manage the entire process. While the company handles most of the work (such as fueling, maintenance, insurance, etc.), members are able to focus on learning the ropes and enjoying the boating lifestyle on new boats.

5) Float your own boat. Chart your own course to boat ownership by visiting, where you'll find a boat finder and loan calculator tool to help determine your budget and identify the types of boats that fit your lifestyle and interests. Once you've narrowed down your search, the site connects you with manufacturers whose boats best fit your needs and wants.

Getting on the water has added health benefits, known as Blue Mind. Boating triggers a restful state and provides a means to get outside of daily routines, allowing our brains to reset, think beyond our current circumstances, and connect with something bigger than ourselves. Being on the water on a boat promotes physiological and psychological changes spanning health and wellness, awe and wonder, creativity and play, and happiness and relaxation.
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Discover Boating Shares Insider Tips for Summer Boating Season