Survey Reveals Interest in Travel to Canada Reaches New 'High'

TORONTO: Canada's recent basketball dominance has helped boost our country's appeal on the world stage, and according to a survey by online travel provider, Canada can lay claim to a new reason for being a fan-favourite: Canada's decriminalization of marijuana is helping make our country a popular travel destination.

In the recent poll of 1,516 American adults, conducted by Maru/Blue, Skyscanner uncovered that over a third - 36 per cent - said that Canada is a more appealing travel destination now that marijuana is legal. In fact, legalization positively influenced Canada's appeal among U.S. travellers of all ages, with 54 percent of millennials, 38 per cent of Gen-Xers and one-fifth of those aged 55 and up, citing it as a reason to visit.

While legalization may be a new factor positively influencing travel consideration to Canada, other long-standing reasons still hold merit, including the opportunity to enjoy outdoor adventure activities (51 per cent) and our close proximity to the U.S. that requires less travel time (50 per cent).

There's no shortage of reasons why Canada continues to be a popular destination for the millions of international travellers who use Skyscanner to book their travel plans, said Marissa Hills, Market Growth Lead at Skyscanner. In fact, a look at searches and bookings for Canada globally have increased by 38 per cent, year over year, which shows Canada is definitely on the world's travel radar.

For Domestic Travellers, Canada Lacks Sex-Appeal
While 59 per cent of the Americans surveyed have Canada on their 'travel bucket list,' another recent survey of 1,519 Canadian adults shows they need a little more convincing to vacation domestically.

According to the Skyscanner survey, Canadians are foregoing domestic travel because of high costs (70 per cent) and the never-ending need for better weather (65 per cent). Although Canada may be sexy to international travellers, nearly a quarter of Canadian respondents said that Canada isn't a sexy destination for travel consideration.

Even though three-quarters of Canadians believe they will eventually travel within Canada, it turns out that nearly the same amount (73 per cent) are feeling remorseful about not seeing as much of the country as they would like. The majority (58 per cent) also believe international travellers have likely seen more of their country than they have. In fact, outside of the province or territory they currently live in, Canadians are most likely to have only visited one to two other provinces (27 per cent) and one in 10 said that they hadn't visited any other province or territory, other than the one they call home.

Like our U.S. counterparts, Canadians agreed that the legalization of marijuana has had a positive impact on our 'travel appeal.' Forty per cent of respondents said they believe Canada is considered a cooler travel destination for foreigners, now that marijuana is legal.

With the nation still on a high from basketball glory and with July 1st just around the corner, we hope Canadians will be inspired to visit more of their own country by taking advantage of our first-ever Canada Day sale, said Hills. Skyscanner's unmatched access to thousands of air, hotel and car rental partners will help would-be travellers build their trip at no additional cost and with only a few clicks. By leaving the leg work to one of the world's leading and most trusted travel search engines, Canadians can enjoy more time to plan the moments that will make their domestic vacation their most memorable.

According to Skyscanner bookings, both international and domestic travellers are drawn to major cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, but both are also starting to explore new hidden travel gems like Kelowna, Yellowknife and Victoria for uniquely Canadian vacation experiences. Would-be vacationers can take advantage of the built-in Skyscanner tools designed to help save time and money. Price alerts, which work like a personal flight tracker, notifies of any price changes so travellers can purchase at the best possible time, while the search everywhere tool is an ideal way for those with open travel plans to choose their next vacation to the cheapest destinations from their chosen departure city.

Other Skyscanner Survey Stats

The top reasons Americans surveyed said would make them consider traveling to Canada
Peaceful political climate - 30 per cent
Long-standing desire to visit Canada - 30 per cent
The exchange rate makes it a cheap place to visit - 26 per cent
No need to know a foreign language - 24 per cent
74 per cent of Americans aged 18 - 34 have Canada on their travel bucket list, the highest of all age groups.

The top three Canadian activities American respondents found very appealing include
Travelling up north to see the Northern Lights (69 per cent);
Visiting Niagara Falls (67 per cent), and;
Whale watching in British Columbia (56 per cent)
Canadian respondents aged 18 - 34 at 52 per cent were more likely to think marijuana has made Canada a cooler destination; this percentage dropped to 40 per cent for those aged 35 - 54 and to 30 per cent for those 55+.

Atlantic Canadians are the most likely to have visited other provinces in Canada. In fact, 21 per cent have visited 9 - 10 provinces (versus 10 per cent nationally).

Respondents in Quebec were most likely to stay close to home with 13 per cent saying that they've never been to any other province in Canada.
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