Taut Skincare Luxe Drinkable Collagen Celebrates 6 Years in U.S.

BELLEVUE, Wash: Hailing from Singapore, the land of Crazy Rich Asians, Taut Collagen Skincare-the company that first formulated a luxe drinkable liquid collagen shot inspired by Japanese beauty- is excited to celebrate its 6th year in the U.S.

While Taut's collagen drink has been a runaway hit in luxury Asian markets since 2005, Taut premiered in the U.S. well before the consumable collagen trend hit our shores, before the rise of the 'beauty from within' movement, and even before 'K Beauty-Korean Skin Care' became a cool catchphrase.

Despite the flurry of new competition and widely considered to be the most expensive collagen on the market, what gives Taut Collagen its staying power?

Success — despite the luxe price tag

Larry Pederson, founder of RenewAlliance, said Taut's U.S. success is a result of us repositioning the brand and updating the formulation to better suit our savvy and demanding customers. Taut Collagen's premium ingredients and proprietary formula really deliver visible transformation and effective results. That's what our customers want and are willing to pay for.

Launched Advanced Formula with Grape Seed Extract for added skin protection

TautUSA recently introduced an advanced formula containing grape seed extract and elastin. Each 1.7oz glass bottle contains 13,000mg Type 1 marine collagen peptides (2-7x other brands) derived from wild-caught red snapper plus five skin-loving ingredients (hyaluronic acid, grape seed extract, elastin, ceramide, Vitamin C) that work synergistically to super-charge production of new skin collagen, boost hydration and firmness, slow signs of aging, and promote skin that looks years younger naturally.

Introduced Clean and Healthy Beauty Shot

Like most collagen drinks, the original Asian formula contains preservatives and artificial sugars. Pederson stated, We worked closely with our manufacturing partner to eliminate preservatives and switch to natural sweetener Stevia for a healthier, cleaner collagen drink which is what U.S. consumers demand.

Bundling for results - Collagen Skincare Programs that target beyond lines and sagging skin

Another key differentiator, says Pederson, is we bundle Taut Collagen with other Taut products into transformation programs that target different skin concerns, making them convenient for our customers to implement.

Programs can help reduce hyperpigmentation, acne scars, varicose veins, and improve dry, dull skin. Customers use Taut's online Skin Care Guide and beauty blog to find their perfect program, and to learn about collagen, anti-aging, skin care, and general health and wellness.

Expanding skincare applications

Taut's collagen transformation programs can be used by patients to accelerate healing after dermatologic procedures ranging from micro-needling and cosmetic surgery to scar tissue reduction.

The signature Taut Collagen Intense Transformation Program retails for $270 (24 glass bottles).

Taut is available online and in select spa, beauty and independent pharmacy retail locations.
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Taut Skincare Luxe Drinkable Collagen Celebrates 6 Years in U.S.