Less Hospital Stays and More Healing-On-The-Go is New Trend with Medical Inventions from Taiwan

MIAMI: Not long ago, patients with acute, chronic or burn wounds, required lengthy hospitalization and round-the-clock medical staff providing dressing changes and wound care.

Now, BenQ Corporation has developed Anscare SIMO Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) System, a device that provides affordable solutions for wound therapy outside the hospital, allowing patients to return to their normal lives faster.

The SIMO Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) System promotes improvement in blood circulation and exudate management through negative pressure by connecting tubing from a pocket-sized pump to the dressing. This lightweight, portable device has a built-in smart indicator that alerts patients when negative pressure is needed through color changes ranging from red to green, with green indicating negative pressure stability.

The system requires no electrical support and has a smart pattern on the dressing that appears and disappears, indicating when a dressing fully absorbs excess fluid from the wound area.

The SIMO (NPWT) offers tremendous savings to hospitals and patients. Patients can be released knowing that this smart technology will help them properly manage wound care, says Dr. ZC Chen, CEO of BenQ. Patient expenses will decrease because the device allows patients to move from hospital to home quicker, he said.

Along those same lines of patient self-management and mobility, Bionime Corporation has developed, Rightest Care, a brilliant app for personal diabetes management available for download in App Store or Google play.

This navigational system provides an integrated digital diabetes management platform that connects individual patients and professional caregivers in a simple, smart, precise and cost-efficient way. At the same time, it allows medical professionals to coordinate care, communicate clinical information, and deliver quick, safe treatment recommendations with a real-time, personalized approach. Patients with chronic illnesses are able to control and proactively self-manage blood glucose through Rightest Care.

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) is another surgical trend. Taiwanese company MedicalTek developed the MonoStereo Visualization System. This system makes it possible to instantly transform Hi-Definition 2D images into 3D images intraoperatively. It provides for minimal interruption of the patient's physiology and offers a faster recovery.

Following surgical trends, Tronware MedTech developed a high-tech precision 3D Microscope called Insight-100. This Microscope, designed with the highest precision and resolution in 4K-3D display, greatly improves the quality of surgery and allows physicians to achieve better patient satisfaction.

These companies will showcase their new devices at a press conference, Taiwan Medical Wonder of the World on Wednesday, June 26 at 100 P.M. at the Miami Beach County Convention Center in Lincoln Road Room E during the FIME Show.
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Less Hospital Stays and More Healing-On-The-Go is New Trend with Medical Inventions from Taiwan