Lightning: The Weather Threat that Affects Most People, in Most Regions, Most of the Time

MARYVILLE, Mo: Despite being the weather threat that impacts the most people, most of the time and in most areas of the U.S., lightning remains a misunderstood and underrated danger.

Recognizing the misconceptions and apathy connected with the threat, the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) is shining a light on the toll lightning takes on people and communities across the U.S.

As the media continues to share daily reports of costly lightning incidents and devastating home and building fires sparked by lightning, we are reminding property owners, builders, insurance providers and fire safety officials that these losses can be prevented when lightning protection systems are installed for structures, said Bud VanSickle, executive director for the Lightning Protection Institute.

In support of this year's National Lightning Safety Awareness Week campaign, LPI is partnering with the National Lightning Safety Council (NLSC) to stress the importance of protecting people, property and places.

June 23-29 is National Lightning Safety Awareness Week, and a good time to understand more about the dangers of lightning and learn simple, yet important, lightning safety guidelines, said John Jensenius, director of the National Lightning Safety Council. When people understand the dangers, they can make more informed decisions to protect themselves, their family and their property.

Lightning is truly the 'universal' weather peril—impacting nearly everyone at some time or another, explained VanSickle. To illustrate lightning's widespread impact, LPI created a new infographic which highlights media reports of lightning incidents in every state of the country.

LPI has educational resources for property owners, builders, designers and insurance providers looking to learn more about lightning's risk and understand the benefits that safety standard compliant lightning protection systems provide for structures.

People looking to learn more about lightning safety, risk reduction and the annual Lightning Safety Awareness Week Campaign can visit
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Lightning: The Weather Threat that Affects Most People, in Most Regions, Most of the Time