Elixxir Selects 600 Nodes for BetaNet Program

LOS ANGELES: David Chaum's groundbreaking metadata-protecting blockchain platform, Elixxir, has announced the selection of 600 nodes to help launch the platform's BetaNet.

Selected in three groups, the BetaNet nodes will support Elixxir's development of a decentralized, metadata-protecting platform that combines true privacy with mainstream scalability. Elixxir designed the three node groupings to ensure an even distribution across the globe, minimizing network latency while also supporting critical development goals to be accomplished by the BetaNet. Each group will be assigned specific responsibilities as the BetaNet agenda proceeds; more information on each group can be found on the Elixxir Blog.

The Elixxir team is delighted by the number, diversity, and especially the high quality, of node applications. It is exciting to bring together in the Elixxir BetaNet so many talented, passionate individuals in our effort to provide truly decentralized privacy for the first time at consumer scale, said Elixxir Founder and CEO David Chaum.

The Elixxir team will work closely with all three groups over the next few months to provide the support and guidance required for the successful deployment of the cMix protocol at large scale, scheduled for this Fall. The BetaNet will be focused on helping Elixxir achieve a scalable and dynamic network, including support for Elixxir's ArrowSDK toolkit for third-party developers, announced last week by Elixxir.

Selected Node applicants will be notified of their selection and grouping by email today, with the node groups also published on Elixxir's public Node Forum.
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Elixxir Selects 600 Nodes for BetaNet Program