Deepak Chopra, Amy Smart, Mariel Hemingway Show How Going Barefoot Can Save Your Life in New Movie

HOLLYWOOD, Calif: From Sundance Award Winning Filmmakers, Josh and Rebecca Tickell of Big Picture Ranch (FUEL, GOOD FORTUNE), comes THE EARTHING MOVIE, an amazing new documentary film that reveals that the answer to America's biggest health crisis may be literally right under our feet.

Earthing means directly connecting one's body to the Earth to restore the electromagnetic balance needed to maintain optimal health (a.k.a. grounding). As the film reveals, the surface of planet Earth is slightly negatively charged. (Lightning conveys the negative charge of the ionosphere to the Earth's surface). The film shows peer-reviewed studies that reveal that this negative charge, when connected to human skin, reduces inflammation throughout the body, thins the blood, regulates sleep, balances hormones and contributes to other positive health effects including reducing heart disease, restoring balance in prenatal babies, reducing restless leg syndrome, radically decreasing the recovery time for athletes and helping those who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis.

Filmmaker Rebecca Harrell Tickell narrates and depicts her personal health journey whereby she lost 80 pounds and transformed the health of her daughter Athena, who suffered from birth with chronic asthma and bronchitis.

THE EARTHING MOVIE features interviews with scientists, physicists, and medical doctors explaining both the science and life-changing personal experience with earthing. Additional advocates of earthing include MLB Texas Ranger, Matt Davidson, who uses earthing as part of his pre-game routine and Goop Founder, Gweneth Paltrow, who swears by the benefits.

DC Universe Series, STARGIRL actor, Amy Smart shares, Intuitively earthing resonates 100% and I'm raising my daughter this way. When I'm acting, I have this electrical mic strapped to me, I'm around everything electrical and it just exhausts me. I've learned that in order to re calibrate my body, I need to put my bare feet back on the ground.

Deepak Chopra, M.D. adds, Now we know that when someone walks barefoot on grass, on earth, or on the beach, the free radicals that have built up in your body as a result of stress inflammation are neutralized. What is really happening at a fundamental level is that you are restoring your biological rhythms.

Says Mariel Hemingway, co-author of Running With Nature, I came from a very dysfunctional home, there was a lot of mental illness. For me, survival, was getting out in nature. I would find myself lying in the grass or a field or a meadow. That would make me feel better. What I was instinctually doing actually was a very real way to address all kinds of inflammation. Grounding pulls you into who you are.

If you or somebody you know suffers from chronic pain and wants heal themselves, don't miss THE EARTHING MOVIE. It just might bring you back to life!

On Saturday, June 22, THE EARTHING MOVIE will have its West Coast Premiere at the Dances with Films Festival. In attendance will be Filmmakers, Josh and Rebecca Tickell, their five year old daughter, Athena, Mariel Hemmingway, and Earthing Pioneer, Clint Ober. The film screens at 245pm at TCL Chinese 6 Theatres located at 6925 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

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Deepak Chopra, Amy Smart, Mariel Hemingway Show How Going Barefoot Can Save Your Life in New Movie