Tekscape adds PSTN (*SIP Services) to the Webex Calling Solution

NEW YORK: Last spring Cisco launched Cisco Webex Calling, a cloud-voice solution as part of the Webex environment and thanks to partners like Tekscape that are providing SIP voice services through their datacenter, this is now a full phone and collaboration solution for your business on one bill!

One of the most significant advantages of Cisco Webex Calling is the ability to implement the solution in a seamless way, where customers can pick and choose the part of their business they want to move to the cloud. As an Elite Cisco partner, Tekscape can design and implement a full communication environment, including

A proven, enterprise-class cloud PBX
Bundled with Webex Teams, for advanced collaboration
Optional Cisco multiplatform (MPP) IP phones, headsets, and video devices
Option to add Webex Meetings
Simplified packaged pricing
Investment protection through the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan purchasing
Easy administration, IT admins can maintain and change their business telephony setup via an online portal making it simpler to scale and manage.

Webex Calling typically doesn't include *PSTN / SIP services, and this would only be available through on-premise equipment. At Tekscape, we can leverage the infrastructure of our proprietary Hosted Voice Solution Aria Hosted, to provide PSTN gateway functionality and an all-in-one subscription or service solution to customers looking for enterprise quality voice services in the cloud. All this in a seamless billing platform, meaning you won't be getting different invoices for your cloud-based PBX and PSTN functionality, but one single invoice and vendor to deal with.

Additionally, partners like Tekscape can help your business integrate the Webex solution with additional productivity and communication tools, providing a complete unified communications platform for your business growth.

For over ten years we have worked closely with businesses of all sizes architecting their collaboration infrastructure, solutions like Webex Calling with our PSTN services included, allow businesses to make a seamless transition to a cloud-based model guaranteeing high availability and scalability of services. This bundle offers a high-performance solution to leave your old PBX behind and move to a more flexible model. - Dave Smith Tekscape CEO

About Tekscape Is an IT Managed Service provider in New York City with more than 10 years of experience helping small and midsized businesses to increase network performance and reliability, implement a cybersecurity strategy, migrate to the cloud, and support unified communications deployments.
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Tekscape adds PSTN (*SIP Services) to the Webex Calling Solution