Hollywood Bad Boy and Legendary Directors Team Up for Short Film and Rock Video That Puts Spotlight On Opioid Epidemic

LOS ANGELES: The rock band CORE released their 3rd hit single titled Killing Me to national radio recently. It was followed-up simultaneously with a high-end, high quality, and highly destructive fast-paced short film and music video that is sure to keep you watching.

Killing Me hit 44 TV networks and shows globally, with more than 60 plus radio stations worldwide supporting CORE in less than one week. Hitting millions of households on network and CORE fans at their favorite radio stations in the USA and internationally. This is the band's first music video.

Going all out on talent and production, the video stars the award winning film actor and Hollywood bad boy himself, Tom Sizemore, and it is produced by the legendary director James Fargo. Fargo is best known for directing many big films with Clint Eastwood staring and working with Steven Spielberg, namely Jaws. The video is directed by long-time MTV video producer Bruce Haymer-Coleman who is responsible for many iconic videos of the MTV grunge era through today.

Killing Me is set in downtown Los Angeles, written about a famous fictional Hollywood actor who has a dependence on prescription opioids and needs to make a choice to continue or face failure that is eating at his soul and career while taking a toll on family. A horrific tragedy takes place. He then realizes during a dark moment of injury, loss of consciousness and near death that opioid use is not worth it anymore and the drugs are Killing Me unless change happens. In some ways this parallels Tom Sizemore's real life of past.

It is noteworthy to mention that the story for the video was originally written by Tom Sizemore's current manager and one of the producers of the Killing Me video, Mike Quinn of Silverstone Entertainment & Records Los Angeles, California (the label and management companies Core is also signed to along with Sizemore, Fargo and others). Mike has directed and produced network videos that also seem to match clients lives like the Amanda Perez videos that ran on MTV. However, this song and video may have hit closer to home for Tom Sizemore more than any big budget film he has ever done.

Tom has been falsely accused of a wide range of allegations over the years, giving him the crown of Hollywood Bad Boy, but admits to past addictions he has spoken about on the Dr. Drew TV series Celebrity Rehab. At the end of the video, Sizemore insisted on having actual facts about the opioid epidemic, closing out the video with almost a public service message that he believes will save some lives.

Tom Sizemore's role in this video makes it a non-forgeable short film and music video that delivers what is certainly expected of an A-list L.A. actor. Tom has never before done a music video. Turning down everything music video till now. He says' this one just felt right with Fargo producing and shooting the fight scenes, with Bruce Haymer-Coleman directing the video project, we could not go wrong... some real pros ...and the song is absolutely incredible.

The video, expanded on by the director Haymer-Coleman took a number of weeks to set up with some very long filming days for the cast and band. The video went way over budget on production while the LAPD had to shut down a number of streets while diverting L.A. traffic so the Fourth Street bridge in downtown Los Angeles could be completely shut down as film crews shot the destructive limo scenes.

Tom Sizemore said, watching the production crew flip a 140,000 dollar, seemingly great working black super-stretch-presidential style limousine in the video and destroy it to literal pieces and smoke was out of this world! ...I expected it to just be simple CGI film effects! ...not your usual for any video I've seen lately.

KILLING ME is real rock, no sissy no nonsense song. The band CORE has been compared to Stone Temple Pilots meets Guns N' Roses with the modern riffs and a classic guitar solos. CORE is based in Austin, Texas and has roots in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Silverstone is now planning a radio tour and other concert dates.
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Hollywood Bad Boy and Legendary Directors Team Up for Short Film and Rock Video That Puts Spotlight On Opioid Epidemic