Cohen Veterans Network Launches Wellness Hub on RallyPoint

WALTHAM, Mass: The Cohen Veterans Network (CVN), a national not-for-profit philanthropic organization, today announced a partnership and the launch of a wellness area inside RallyPoint, the leading online platform for the military community.

The Wellness Hub aggregates conversations on health and wellness and offers related resources for veterans and military families.

Cohen Veterans Network is committed to improving access to mental health care and the Wellness Hub inside RallyPoint will be a valuable tool for veterans and military families to learn about member experiences through peer-to-peer dialogue, said Cohen Veterans Network President & CEO Dr. Anthony Hassan. We have built CVN to break down barriers to care, and this vast online community is an ideal platform on which to share mental health resources and potentially access care at our Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinics either in person or online via telehealth.

This globally accessible digital Wellness Hub complements the 11 Cohen Clinics already established throughout the nation providing high-quality, tailored mental health care. This summer, three more Cohen Clinics are scheduled to hold public opening events.

This intermingling of online and offline experiences in support of RallyPoint members' mental health success is an exciting initiative for us, said RallyPoint CEO, David Gowel. A key element of our strategy is to work with leading partners who have expertise and capabilities that we do not in order to best support our community throughout the journey of military service and transition. This relationship with Cohen Veterans Network is a great example of how we are executing our strategy.

Access the Wellness Hub Powered by Cohen Veterans Network here. New visitors will need to create an account to login.
(PRN | 7 months ago)

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Cohen Veterans Network Launches Wellness Hub on RallyPoint