US should continue putting pressure on countries violating human rights: US lawmaker

Washington DC , July 18 : In a reference to Pakistan, a US lawmaker has said that the United States should continue applying more pressure on countries who deny basic human rights to their people.

Scott Perry, a member of the US Congress from Pennsylvania, suggested that steps such as diplomatic isolation, suspending military aid and putting financial and trade pressure could be used to exert pressure on those nations who violate the human rights of its citizens.

Reaffirming his support for the rights of Mohajirs in Karachi, Perry told a TV reporter on the sidelines of the South Asia Minorities Alliance Foundation (SAMAF) reception on Wednesday evening here, "I certainly think that (the creation of Greater Karachi) is an option. If Pakistan is not going to recognise its minorities and not give them the same rights as everyone else has, then they will have to find or be forced to seek another way."

Perry, who also sits on the House's powerful Foreign Relations Committee, also threw light on Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's upcoming visit to the US.

"The US administration should tell the Pakistan PM that the US' relationship with Pakistan cannot move forward until it recognises the rights of its minorities and treats them the same way as the majority group," the Congressman said.

SAMAF has hosted the event in honour of the participants of the second ministerial event in the US Capitol, which the State Department is holding in Washington DC to promote religious freedom globally.

Around 900 guests from dozens of countries are attending the four-day-long event.

(ANI | 7 months ago)

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US should continue putting pressure on countries violating human rights: US lawmaker