Subbarami Reddy speaks on amendments to NIA Bill, evokes smiles in RS

New Delhi , July 17 : Congress member T Subbarami Reddy on Wednesday evoked smiles and some laughter in the Rajya Sabha as he sought to speak on his amendments to the NIA (Amendment) Bill after urging the Chair to allow him to express his views.

Members from his own party also could not resist their smiles as Reddy stood up to speak on his amendments to the Bill which was passed unanimously by the House after a reply by Home Minister Amit Shah.

Reddy had given notice for amendments to six clauses of the Bill.

As Deputy Chairman Harivansh turned to him to ask if he was moving his amendment, Reddy said he should be allowed to speak.

"Do you want me to ...division, otherwise then permit me to tell my word, otherwise division," he said.

Congress member Kumari Selja, who was sitting next to him, and party member Shamsher Singh Dullo, who was sitting behind, could not control their laughter at Reddy's words.

As amused members listened, Reddy spoke on all his amendments relating to Clause 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 and withdrew them. There were comments by some members, which were not taken on record.

Officials said that amendment notices to the NIA (Amendment) Bill, 2019 were only given by Reddy. They also said Reddy gives a lot of amendment notices on bills.

Reddy later told ANI that the House "got thrilled" over him speaking on six amendments.

He said the purpose of giving amendments was to give suggestions. "Some suggestions they will follow; some they will not," he said.

Reddy said his party supported the NIA (Amendment) Bill even though it had expressed some reservations and he did not press for the division.

He also said he had given 70 amendments to the motion of thanks to the President's address to bring to the notice of the government to what was necessary for the society and the country.

(ANI | 12 months ago)

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Subbarami Reddy speaks on amendments to NIA Bill, evokes smiles in RS