Casablanca Market introduces Two New Moroccan Condiments At The New York Summer Fancy Food Show

NEWARK, Calif: In a continuing effort to present even more products with a decidedly Moroccan bent, Casablanca Market announces a return to the New York Summer Fancy Food Show with the introduction of two exciting new flavors: Moroccan Tapenade and Marrakesh Spiced Olives.

Moroccan Tapenade Casablanca Market Tapenade comes in 10 oz. jars and adds a powerful tasty punch to a variety of foods with an addictive blend of Moroccan black olives, capers, garlic, spices, and extra virgin olive oil.

Preservation of traditional Moroccan flavors and heritage is key. Our line of products is all hands-on, we use people to put these recipes together as I remember them from my childhood, says Casablanca Market founder and CEO, Katia Essyad. These are time-honored, traditional foods that I grew up with and want to share with the people here.

Marrakesh Spiced Olives Packed in 10 oz. brim-filled jars, the Marrakesh Spiced Olives are a special combination of green pitted-olives, turmeric, Moroccan lemons, salt, and olive oil.

Where it's grown makes a difference, says Essyad. Even though they are all from the Mediterranean, Moroccan olives have an entirely different taste than Olives grown in Greece or France.

The two new products join Casablanca's core offerings, including the spicy Moroccan Harissa sauce, which has a myriad of culinary uses for anyone who likes spicy food, and the aromatic Casablanca Market Moroccan Preserved Lemons. Described as being sweet but zesty, the lemons bring an added punch and an exotic flavor treat to a variety of dishes from salads to entrees, as well as to cocktails and bar drinks.

We make a very convenient product for millennials and others, who want the experience of having a good dish, but don't have the time, she says. They want to be adventurous with their tastes, but don't have the wherewithal. That's what we're doing, coming up with recipes and products that add flavor and accentuate the meal without a lot of effort to make it happen.

All Casablanca Market products are non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, Kosher, and have no additives, preservatives, or added sugars.
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Casablanca Market introduces Two New Moroccan Condiments At The New York Summer Fancy Food Show